Kangen Water®

Enagic® is the only water filtration and distribution company in the world that offers its own OEM manufacturing facility and ISO certified processes of quality control. Skilled professionals are used in all areas of the development, production, service, and supply processes.Kangen Water Guide

Enagic® Production

Enagic® produces all machines in facilities that have been certified for environmental management and quality control. These include the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 for quality management. This system has been reviewed by officials and shows systems are focused on meeting customer expectation through continued improvements and commitment to providing products resulting in a better body and environmental health.
  • ISO 13485 for quality management system. This ensures that the company is able to provide medical devices and services that meet regulations and consumer needs.
  • ISO 14001 for environmental standards. This shows that Kangen Water® machines use best practices to reduce environmental footprint. This includes securing materials with a low environmental load in order to recycle, reuse, and reduce waste while conserving natural resources and achieving energy efficiency to prevent global warming effects.
  • WQA Gold Seal is offered by the Water Quality Association and shows dedication to providing safety and health services throughout the United States and globally. This certification ensures that the product is made from safe materials and all claims are backed by data.
  • Direct Selling Association is a trade association for companies offering direct sale opportunities. Enagic® is a member in good-standing, with only around 200 companies being members.

In addition to these certifications, Enagic® also has a certificate of recognition from the DSA Code of Ethics Communication Initiative, registration with the FDA, a BBB rating of A+, and is licensed for use as a medical device.
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Kangen Water® Benefits

The majority of Kangen Water® machines offer five types of water, each great for specific use. These include Strong Kangen Water®, Kangen Water®, Clean Water, Beauty Water, and Strong Acidic Water.Kangen Water Guide

  • Strong Kangen Water® is not a drinking water. It is used for hygiene needs, such as food preparation and cleaning. It is excellent for stain removal and can be used for rinsing dishes, which leads to less need of detergent.
  • Kangen Water® is the best choice for drinking and cooking. It’s also optimal for food preparation and watering plants. It stimulates seedling development and germination in the latter.
  • Clean Water is neutral water that is free of cloudiness, chlorine, and rust. It is also used as drinking water. Some of the best uses of clean water include taking medication and preparing baby food.
  • Beauty Water is slightly acidic and works well for hair care, face washing, pet care, cleaning, polishing, and preserving frozen foods.
  • Strong Acidic Water is not for drinking but is great for disinfecting. You can use this water for cleaning, hygiene, disinfecting, and commercial operation needs.

Kangen Water Machines®

Kangen Water® machines come in a variety of styles and prices to accommodate a wide range of customer needs. In fact, Enagic® offers eight different machines, along with Kangen Ukon turmeric supplements. Here are the basic features and specifications of each device:

  • Anespa DX is an exclusive home spa system that takes a standard bathroom and turns it into something resembling a natural hot spring resort.
  • Leveluk SD501 is a premium model Kangen Water® machine with the highest quality electrolysis chamber of any on the market.
  • Leveluk Super 501 is similar to the SD501, except that it is designed for heavy use. It offers twin hoses, a cleaning system, built-in tank, and regulation of water pressure.
  • Leveluk SD505 Platinum offers all the same great features as the original SD501 but comes in a platinum version that is more durable.
  • Leveluk 505U is another 505 model, but this one actually goes under the counter and takes up no counter space. It offers power and quality but is hidden away for convenience.
  • Leveluk R is one of the Enagic® starter models that are more affordable for those on a budget. It also produces only three types of waters, rather than the five of most Kangen Water® machines.
  • Leveluk JRII is another of the starter models available. It comes with only three plates, which helps ensure lower energy consumption.
  • Leveluk K8 is the most powerful machine on the Enagic® roster with a total of eight titanium plates. This improves the electrolysis surface, water ionization, and antioxidant production.

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